This month's funding goes to....
Okay, no image because my computer broke down last week, otherwise I would have sent you patrons some kickass photoshoots, and comic in english and japanese, and another comic. I'm working on my old laptop, and there's nothing in it.
Curse you bad timing!!

On a more serious note, I guess I should explain what my earnings go to this month, as it's relevant to why I have a Patreon in the first place.

Remember when I talked about a free comic I give out at conventions? Yea...CONventional.
Well, despite printing it myself, and folding every single comic by hand, paper cost money and ink costs money. I am helping Krakencon out by making freebie comics for their swag bags  at the con. I did it last time--I print out 2,000 copies for the convention. I'm trying to make a difference in conventions by giving these out, and educating people. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. Last week, I completed yet another minicomic for CONventional--the cosplay edition. Yet another freebie comic, and that makes THREE, as I need to make a couple hundred copies of the Ballroom dance one for the formal dance event at that convention too! I estimate printing approximately 3,000 free comics for the next convention. That also means folding 3,000 pieces of paper *faint*

I don't get a penny out of it, but i do get the satisfaction of trying to make a difference at the conventions i go to. But I mean....seriously, I don't wanna pay $60+ just on paper. 

Anyways, thanks for understanding, and thanks for supporting my Patreon!
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