This Month's Comic - HOLDING Part 1
I finished a short comic this month! (Though it's still not the one that I've been working on for seemingly forever.) This one, HOLDING, is a wordless, 3 page comic who's story is primarily told through the hands of the characters. There will be seven parts to it. I devised it as an exercise for myself to think more about how we communicate with our hands, and also because the subject of the series is about an issue that several of my friends are going through. This first part was published yesterday on Carte Blanche, an online literary magazine. Read it here!:

A huge thanks to all my patrons!  Your support is super duper appreciated! Tomorrow I'm headed for a two week trip to Toronto and Chicago. While I'm away I'll be doing improv, signing comics, shooting a photobooth animation and researching hands hands hands! I'm excited!