This Month's Tutorial Will Be Sent Out Thursday!!
Hey everyone,  The first tutorial on creating a one part mold is finished! Me, Denys and a couple friends will be going over it for the next couple days to check for errors.

This tutorial contains over 90 photos of work in progress and is 40 pages long!!

Sometime this Thursday (9/10), everyone who is at the $6 patron level and above, whose pledges were charged and approved, will be sent a message containing a download link to the PDF file. Once all the links have been sent out, I will make a post letting everyone know.

For new members who joined later at the $6 level and up and have not yet been charged for their pledge, you will be sent your download link sometime around the 4th of October or as soon as your pledge clears. :-)

Some new exclusive videos will be going up by this weekend, as well, so keep on the lookout!

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to send us a message or just post your question here. :-)