This past month of work.

Hey Gang!

I am so excited about the stuff that I did this month. I did 19 pages of the Puerto Rico Strong Anthology for Lion Forge. It was an amazing opportunity and experience. And some cool things can happen because of it. So if you get a chance pick it up when it comes out. I think it's scheduled for March. 

Here's the link for that:

The Baboon is all but one page away from being colored. I have been pumping to get it done in between the anthology commitment. 

And the Whisper is still a project I'd like to get back to. It's a little slower going due to having to wait on writers for scripts. They are super busy too. I think I have 6 more issues I'd like to do. And then that'll be wrapping up. 

In the meantime, my brother, my cousin and I have been writing up a little web comic that'll come out at a page a week. So I am excited to be able to get that out to you. I think Patron will get those pages the week before as my updates. 

Bow Tie Press is moving strong. And if this past month was any indication as to what comes next. BUCKLE UP!!!