This Patreon Page now covers EVERYTHING Samination.

That includes Taco-Man Plays! My goal is to turn Samination into my full time job and provide you with new content each month.

Here are the shows you'll be supporting: 

  • Taco-Man Plays a Video Game

  • Empty Space

  • Completely Accurate Gaming History

  • Unbelievably Messed-Up Bible Stories

  • Detective Taco

  • Adam and Eve

  • Taco-Mail LIVE!

  • Quickies!

  • Cereal Killers

But WAIT! That's not all... Your support can even resurrect DEAD SHOWS!

Such as:

  • Taco-Man the Game Master

  • The Stupid Adventures of Taco-Man

  • Grandpa

  • The Good Life

  • The Smurks

  • Cat and Fish

  • The Awards Show

  • News Flash

  • What’s New Dubya-Doo?

  • The Linda Show

  • and a Snowy sequel!? WHAT?!

And you'll still get PERKS! Depending on how much you pledge, you can receive:

  • A vote in what show should be made next!

  • Live animation streams.

  • Your name in the credits

  • Your name alone, spoken in the credits

  • Free download of The Sound of Ebolaworld

  • Access to classic episodes no longer available online.

  • Bonus DVD content no longer for sale

  • Deleted Scenes!

  • Monthly Chance to win prizes signed by Sam T. 

I hope you will continue to support my channel.

Thank you!