This Video Is The Reason I Need to Replace the Laptop Camera

Haha wow! The above video is pretty terrifying, yes? This is the reason I am asking Patreon Patrons such as yourself to help me improve this blog and (definitely!) improve the videos.

In case you are wondering, in addition to my day job working retail, I come home in the afternoons and spend about 5 to 6 hours in the evening, working on everything from research (library books, online searches and asking around) to scheduling (seriously, you should see all my agendas, notebooks & binders!) to finally creating blog posts for you! So each week, I do a minimum of 35 hours' of work to make sure you are both entertained with cuteness, and educated with culture ^_^

I want this to be better though, and there is always room for improvement. I am working toward a new camera to attach to the laptop :) Thank you for all your support, always appreciating each & every one of you! xoxo