This was a fun day with the dolphins
While we were sailing we noticed a ship leaving port at the N.O.B. and the dolphins were jumping all around just like they knew the ship was getting ready to head out. We and several other sailboats watched in anticipation for the ship to cruise on up the harbor knowing we were about to witness a spectacular show. 

Sure enough as that huge naval ship passed on by those dolphins were taking turns jumping and flipping all around the show was great and the back drop setting of the sunset made it perfect.

We thought it was all over when we started sailing back to Scott's Creek Marina and all of a sudden a big splash came along side us and we looked we had our very own dolphins all around. They stayed for about and hour. It was non stop entertainment. 

This was a day I will never forget and I just can  not wait till my life is full of more days just like this.... Now, onto finishing this sailboat so we can get cruisin.


Salty & Boss Dawg