This Week, At Raging Swan Press

This week, Raging Swan Press has posted up several more free resources for your gaming pleasure!

Last week, one of our readers suggested I make it easier to see what's new on the

Free Resources

page. If you surf on over to that page you'll notice I've implemented an "innovation"--the word


next to the two most recent articles. 

This week, we posted up 20 Things to Find in a Necromancer's Sanctum and 20 Things to Find in a Torture Chamber. Hopefully, they'll be handy for an upcoming game! (And, of course, if you've any things you'd like me to cover in these web articles, just let me know in comments below). 

Meanwhile, over on my blog I posted a summary of the previous week's

Shattered Star session

. Things are going well(ish) so if you're got a few minutes why not catch up with the heroes' adventures--but warning spoilers for Carrion Hill lie ahead!

Finally, a reminder. Christmas in July finishes when July finishes. If you want to take advantage of our offer--25% off PDFs and 15% off print--you've got mere hours left to pounce.
Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks as always for your support!