This Week In Binarycore #100
Post 100 of the TWIBs, and to thing this started back as a blog specifically about the comics for Binarycore. Those were the days, maybe they will return. So new month and that means we have a new update video over on Patreon for all you subcribers, thanks guys. For all of those who done want early access there was also some Multiplayer Madness in Halo 4. Our last week there for a while which I am sure Blaze will be happy about. This week we get some actual vehicles in our Big Team Battle. Tuesday was T-shirt day. And this months, oh my. I love it. I want it in all of the colours. Its from a story my dad told me once about a darts tour in the north. And now its a common phrase around Watford for when you are getting sloshy. Dragonball Z is a long time love for Binarycore, so we throwback for six years to do the day of its release and play some DBZ Burst Limit. Indie Corner we see how much, or little, that Blaze knows about driving. I mean dont get me wrong, hes pretty good at the game, but the game knows fuck all about parking. Ok so its not really Blazes fault. Anyway, we play 60 Seconds To Park. Spyro