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This Week in Gaming!
It is BlizzCon week! There will be no more streams until Tuesday at 9am Pacific when I return with pictures, stories, and excitement for the coming of the end of the year! News out of the way, this week rocked. Batman led us to a boss I am stoked to take on - Firefly (the costume alone was enough to sell me). Dark Souls III actually brought us to the end game boss so we are off to glory through side bosses now. Heroes resulted in a comp discovery so amazing it led to countless victories this past weekend, and Divinity is finally nearing the end of Act I.

Dark Souls III - Part 09

Dark Souls III - Part 10

Dark Souls III - Part 11

Batman: Arkham Origins - Part 07

HeroesForge #95: Headless Horseman 

Podcaster's League: Old Comp New Twist 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Co-Op - Shrieker Reloaded (Part 16)