This week in review
So last week was a super busy week at my real life job. As such, I didn't have as much time to do stuff and less time this week to do stuff. Earlier this week, I discovered an error I made in a video (something I forgot to do), and it was un-editable in YouTube. I had to private the video, re-edit (thankfully I still had my edits saved from before) and re-upload. That will be this weeks only video. Next week, I plan to get back on track with Machinarium and the Code (almost finished, btw). I also plan to start live-streaming (on Beam) starting next week, so look out for that. One last thing: new series in the pipeline. Last week's rush and this week's recovery have limited working time on it, but plans are well on the way to a new series. Hint: think City Journal, but with a classic.