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Whew! Remember that long, like, five-episode post I did the other week, about stuff I needed to do? I done did some stuff! I didn’t have time yesterday to write a WiP Wednesday post so ... here we go, on Thursday! Let's see what I've got going on last and this week.  

Made decisions about some ceramic things

I seem to have unconsciously gravitated towards prioritizing shapes over texture styles. I was on the fence about “make everything in a texture” vs “make all the textures in this one shape” and since I’ve become obsessed with a couple of my new shapes, shapes are winning out. All hail the new triangle dishes! 

I’m also changing a couple of glazes on things, not colors as much as who makes the glaze… I’ll have some pictures to show off soon and will talk about it on social media in the next week or two. 

Made decisions about some soap things

It doesn’t look like that oatmeal base is ever going to come back in stock, so I guess I’m going to go ahead and make the goat’s milk soap that I’m out of, and as I’m doing that, I’ll go over all of my fragrances and see who’s no longer making what, so I can make a post about what I’m going to have to phase out. Sigh.

Got some yarn wound

My skeinwinder is still not perfect, but I’ve got it working again and I’ll take a slow one over one that’s not working. I was able to get some yarn wound, both yarn club and some restocks. I have more restocks to wind so expect restocks soon!

Caught up on some Patreon things

I caught up on the posts about Yarn Club; the colorways, what inspired me or how I came up with it while reading the fairy tale or my interpretation of the fairy tale. Now if only I could catch up with the Hanks Yarn and Fiber posts?! 

Made decisions about some behind-the-scenes HaldeCraft things

I don’t think I’d posted here, but my website is making some changes. They just made some changes about a year ago, and they were great changes that meant that I could more easier do craft shows using my website’s point of sale system. I’ve long been stressed about stock at shows vs the same kind of stock online. One of my big fears is that things will sell online that have just sold in person, and I’ll have to contact a customer to say I can’t send them their thing — this used to happen to us almost once a week, if not more, at the yarn store. Something would sell online and it would actually be out of stock. It’s given me… retail PTSD. It’s something that I worry about (disappointing customers) and the fact that my website host made it suddenly easy, that stock would sync automatically and I wouldn’t have to worry about it? Beautiful. 

So of course they just changed all that. Now I can have multiple locations, if I want them, but I’ll have to specify the number of whatever thing it is in whichever location. So, instead of saying I have a dozen WTF mugs, I’ll need to say that I have seven online, and five at the craft show. That might not sound like a big deal, but when I used to have to take things offline before a show and put anything back online after a show, it took about two or three days on either side of the show. Full days of work. And now I’ll have to go back to doing it that way, which… doesn’t thrill me. 

In fact, it so not thrilled me, that I spent about three days researching different online ecommerce platforms, to see if there was anything out there available that I could switch to. A lot of reading, a lot of notes, a lot of hand-drawn comparison charts, a lot of thinking about and writing out what I absolutely need in a website and what I’m negotiable on, and… I’m staying where I am. 

I’m trying to look at the idea of having a generic “craft show” location on the back end of my shop to track inventory, but none of it is online, as an opportunity to do more one-shot type of things. On my website, I need to have a listing for every kind of mug, for example. So that if someone buys a mug, I send them the right mug. But selling in person, I can just have one listing for all the mugs that are the same price, and not worry if they’re different styles or colors. Or one listing for all the soap, and not worry about what fragrance or base it is. I could even use this as an opportunity to make show-specific bases or fragrances. 

I know I have just bored the snot out of most of you. ;-) 

In fact, it looks like I’m at about 800 words on this post, so … I’ll save the rest for some other post (maybe it’ll make me look productive two weeks in a row, haha?).

Thanks, y'all! Happy Thursday! 

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