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This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) - Episode 573
Are there dragons? How can they be naked? Find out this and more on the This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) Episode 573!

(1:01) Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!

Dr. Kiki, Justin, and Blair explore the world of science news with a few of the week's popular stories: 

(3:56) Mercury's A Meteorite? Well, at least that might have been how it got its start.

(9:09) Mars Might Tridymite... A surprise compound was found in Gale crater forcing scientists to rethink Mars' volcanic past.

(11:16) Sneaky Black Holes are hiding out all over the place! We had no idea.

(15:22) Hobbit Hole Fires indicate that humans were chillaxing in the Hobbit hole not long after the little people disappeared.

(17:42) Kalimantan Deep... Revisiting old skulls revises old ideas about Australian lineages.

(23:06) Naked Dragons helped us confirm the origin of skin, scales, hair, and feathers.

(29:05) Blue Tit Danger Songs are sung by females against other predatory birds.

(42:25) Snails On Acid aren't good at escaping predatory sea stars.

(48:08) Chronic fatigue syndrome has been linked to gut bacterial imbalance and inflammation!

(55:19) THC For Brains! It looks like THC reduces inflammation and a protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease.

(1:01:05) Air Combat Robot Domination is upon us! The AIs to fly the planes are here.

(1:11:32) Cockatoos are brilliant. Seriously, they have some bird smarts.

(1:13:42) Sexy Mantis Snacks... made by dad... good for baby.

(1:!5:30) Sexy Smelling Birds have B.O.

(1:18:07) Exercise four hours later if you want to remember things.

(1:21:33) Text Brain? It might really be a thing.

And Much More…

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