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This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) - Episode 580
No Chemtrail conspiracy SLAPs, please & thank you — we gave at the office. The office of SCIENCE, that is! But we do deep dive into Primordial Soup ( KerSplash! ), Black Holes in a Lab (giant sucking sound) and Fish Pee (umm... )!

(0:00) Opening business, Dr. Kiki singing.
(0:38) TWIS Intro, Dr. Kiki (@drkiki).

(1:06) Disclaimer — Justin Jackson (@jacksonfly).
(2:43) Opening TWIS Theme Song.

(3:17) "Good Science!" Greetings, Dr. Kiki, Justin, and Blair Bazdarich (@blairsmenagerie) explore the world of science news with a few of the week's popular stories:

(5:25) Acoustic Black Hole in a Lab may have strongest evidence of Hawking Radiation — Dr. Kiki (
(10:58) New Fifth Force of Nature Found? — Dark Matter & Protophobic X Boson — Dr. Kiki (
(13:03) Survey of Atmospheric Scientists provides evidence against the existence of Chemtrails — Dr. Kiki ( &

(22:09) Your gut-brain connection can impact immunity — Justin (
(29:04) Dr. Kiki & Blair do a little song & dance. ;)

(29:18) Blair's Animal Corner (w/ Theme Song)!
(29:51) Female fish can favor sperm from preferred males despite external fertilization — Blair (
(38:21) Fish camouflage sends mixed messages to aggro males — Blair (
(41:26) Big fish -- and their pee -- are key parts of coral reef ecosystems — Blair (

(44:25) Aaaaand — we're at the Half (w/ Theme Music)! This is where you can find out about our Zazzle store ( and supporting us through Paypal ( and Patreon (! Tell more folks about TWIS ( More minions, please!

(45:37) Dr. Kiki will bring TWIS Live! to the Portland, Ore. Mini Maker Faire at OMSI (, September 10 - 11, at a How-to Podcast Booth.

(46:08) TWIS will also be Live! at the Maryland STEM Festival ( at the National Aquarium ( — Blair will be ecstatic!) in Baltimore, MD on November 4th.

(48:07) Interstitial Music: George Hrab, "Skeptic," from the album "Vitriol." (

(48:53) 2nd Half.
(48:58) Elbows of extinct marsupial lion suggest unique hunting style — Justin (
(58:32) Scientists take big step toward recreating primordial 'RNA world' of 4 billion years ago — Dr. Kiki (
(1:00:46) Or... Maybe it was never soup? (No soup for you!), We've been wrong about the origins of life — Dr. Kiki (
(1:09:13) Global warming's next surprise: Saltier beaches — Justin (
(1:15:15) Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumours with precision — Dr. Kiki (

(1:18:30) Quick Science News Segment!
(1:18:32) Walk Again Project, Paraplegics & Brazil World Cup 2014 — Justin ( & & &
(1:23:43) Researchers discover that DNA naturally fluoresces — Dr. Kiki (
(1:28:24) Body clock determines whether you'll get ill — Dr. Kiki (
(1:32:24) Male and female cats respond differently to distressed kittens — Blair (

(1:36:42) End of show credits & Thank you's.
(1:40:47) End Music Theme Outro.

But wait... There's more!
(1:44:19) The After-show discussion.
With challenging appearances between Shouty Blair (@SHOUTYBLAIR) and problematic co-workers Karen... and Steve! (STEVE!!).

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