This week in Stream Schedules
Heya, let me tell you if you're a fan of Tales Games, these next couple weeks will be good times. 

Tonight (Monday Evening): The Continuing adventures of Velvet and crew in Tales of Berseria. As I said last week, this is a stream that will recur a couple times a week depending on when it works out. I'm guessing Wednesday and Friday this week but am not sure enough to commit to saying either of those ahead of time.

Tuesday Evening: Aether Revolt Draft. My normal plan is to put a poll up for a good chunk of these Tuesday Card Streams, but for this one tomorrow I'm in a Magic Mood, and something like 80% of my streams are based on moods

Thursday Evening: FFXIII with Luke. Welcome to the Vile Peaks! We should have most of the tech issues that plagued us out of the way, here's hoping no new ones pop up. 

I also can't say this one for certain, as we have other plans on this weekend, but Mike and I really want to get Paper Mario started up. I'll tweet about that when we come to a certainty about when we're starting things up. It'll likely be in his stream zone.

Lastly, I'm again going to mention the FFV Autumnal Speedrun Redux, I'm planning on doing that next week, along with maybe continuing the FFV Ancient Cave that I started up when I launched the patreon.