This Week in Mythic: Rank and Bestiary
Just wanna make sure I keep up with these 'weekly-enough' updates for everyone. I know what I do can seem confusing our a bit out of touch with the community, so I want to keep up on these posts.

First off, Rank. I wanted to completely overhaul rank. With the help from Kalawaki (Tak), we set out to completely redo Rank. We failed. Pretty hard, too. Turns out, Rank in the Covenant is nearly nonexistent. 

So here's the deal. I'm keeping to the original Covenant rank structure I have laid out in the previous edition, but I'm going to do my best at streamlining it. Perhaps give ways to jump from different ranks, or even unlock new special ranks. Either way, I want to make sure that rank is much simpler than it was in previous versions. But this must wait. Because of the nature of how rank is in this system, compared to how important it can be for military games, it must be done right. 

This means that I'm going to brainstorm the streamlining process for rank while I move on to the Bestiary. It's very important for GMs, and it is needed. I want to make sure that the Bestiary is added to the second beta of Mythic/100DOS 2.0. I'm drumming up a few examples of how I want to evolve and create the new Bestiary system, which will be an expanded variation of what is currently in Preview 25.

I want each of the Soldier Types to have two dedicated pages. The first will show off the rules and characteristics of the character, and then each difficulty level of Characteristic advancements. Then, on top of that, will be a package for each. These packages will be the NPC's weapon, equipment, training, skills, abilities, and educations. Each of these packages will gain an extra set of skills and abilities with each difficulty level. This will allow the difference between some random nobody NPC and a veteran on the battlefield.

On top of this, the Nemesis system is still returning, but will be modified. You will have a quick and simple walkthrough on how to build a Nemesis, and what would best make that Nemesis a terrifying NPC for your Players to encounter. This does involve the addition of bodyguards, experimental equipment, vehicles, and so on. With many options to one-hit-kill any type of Character, the GM must be smart in how they continue to present the Nemesis NPCs as a threat.

The Bestiary will be much larger than the previous versions, but because of this, it will take much more time to create. You'll have to be patient with me. This will set the second beta far behind what was initially expected. I've decided to be much more diligent with my work to make sure we're not doing four betas before release of 2.0. I want to keep it at 3, and no more. If we MUST do more, then we will. Else, I want to do the Beta 2 for all the new big changes coming, and then a third to smooth out everything that's been worked on.

Beta 2 will release when it comes, and at this point in development, that's all I can give you. But, if there is enough demand, I can release a Beta 1.5 for playtesters to get their hands on all the new and updated goodies, because I know there are a decent amount of games being run on beta 1. Beta 1 is a bit of a mess, so I do want people to have the updated systems while it takes this long to get the Bestiary and Ranks finalized. 

Thanks for all your support and your patience, I know tabletop game development can take a long time, and I'm glad that all of you are sticking with me and helping out so much.

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