THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Nov 06 - Nov 10
THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Nov 06 - Nov 10

This week has been quite an experience. I can't say anything huge happened but it's been emotionally turbulent with the pain of the last throes of my breakup stuff, and extremely positive with my workflow and output.


Monday I was overburdened with my regular job demands. Our clients usually do nothing all week when we need it and then all send their needed forms, signatures, correspondence over the weekend. Unfortunately for me that means that if we do get anything it usually ends up piling up all on Monday. By the time I was done the day was essentially a write off for getting any other work done. Monday night was also the night where I experienced a significant low in contrast to my week and the past week. It wasn't particularly fun.

Tuesday is where I managed to get some really good work in. I started and finished the 4th page of The Republic in my much more standard time frame and got to do an absolutely bizarre face. It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

Wednesday was a great continuation to my work days. It's not that common which is what's so notable. I ended up sitting down after a slow start and started and finished my QA Patron Reward. It was a 6 panel comic, which had a simple little joke in it and it was great. Earlier in the day I made myself lunch and went for a nice long walk. After I finished the QA image I ended up continuing my serious work boom with doing a bunch of chores and showering. I got so much done.

Thursday was finally the day where my intensive work days finally caught up to me. On Wednesday I was pretending that I was gunna be able to continue on strong and that I have no physical ailments but nope, like clockwork it came sinking in.

I also needed to do blood tests for a bunch of checkup stuff I'm hoping to clarify for my own health. Ultimately I was just foggy and weak throughout the day and it just didn't work out for getting anything done.

Today has been a productive day but not quite for Get Rich work. I'm keeping cool and not stressing about it because I essentially made 10 comic panels today, 2 1/2 comics. However, today I did revise some audio clips for the animation, the original intended dialogue was a little too heavy with exposition and it really didn't feel particularly natural. I definitely still really need to get more used to subtle voice acting. I can do the crazy voices but just being normal but agitated, or normal but unenthused is really hard.

What it does mean though is that hopefully next week I can tackle the comic page in a solid day of work again and then I'll have the whole week free to try and get some more animation in. I'm really close to finishing and I'd LOVE to get a juicy session or two in... It'd be nice to get this done.

I'm hoping to get it done and then commission one of my artists to work with me on a new short. But that's nothing I'm planning on till I get all this taken care of.

Anyways, I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful for my future work. As always, sharing my work around online, liking and commenting, showing your friends, and supporting me on patreon are all ways you can keep this ball rolling and hopefully enable me the means to keep putting out better and better work.

Here's to one more week.