This Week on Patreon
Image description: One side of the image is a picture of coffee beans. The other side has a gray-green background with a steaming coffee cup icon, and a brown box with white text in it. The text reads: THIS WEEK: Cat pictures! The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass. Trigger Warnings. Phoebe Palmer — The Promise of the Father. November Giveaway! 

We are almost at the end of October, somehow! That means you only have today, tomorrow, and Tuesday to get on board at the $5/month level or higher and receive a personalized reading recommendation AND a signed bookmark! If you feel like waiting, though, there will be a giveaway starting in November: stay tuned for details. 

The image above gives you an overview of what's to come this week:

I have a post on trigger warnings and some truly excellent cat pictures for patrons at the $1+ level. Those at the $5+ level get all of the above plus two posts from The Rhetorical Tradition, looking at Frederick Douglass and Phoebe Palmer. 

As we get into November, I'm also going to start looking at when to do the first of my two annual video newsletters for $15+ patrons! If that's something you're interested in checking out, November will be a great month to become a patron.