This Week on GS + Devlog #7 Write-up!
Hello everyone,

This week we've got some really fun stuff going ou.  Today we'll release Glass Breaker Devlog #7, which is the first devlog made after we began our alpha testing last week.  The write-up for today's devlog is available for download in the post immediately after (above) this one.

Wednesday will probably see the release of the next installment of our Strider Playthrough.  This series is almost over, and if you're playing the game yourself, it's also a great walkthrough!

Finally, we'll release A Wild Game Appears! - 20XX on Friday.  The game has been in early access since 2014 and is feature-complete.  It's a Mega Man-style game with roguelite elements (random level generation, unlockable items, and perma-death!). Check it out for yourself on Steam--if you're a fan of Mega Man and Mighty No. 9 left a bad taste in your mouth, then 20XX might be just what you need!

Joe went out and bought Nier: Automata for PS4, and I'm still sitting here waiting for a spare moment so that I can grab a copy on Steam myself.  Mass Effect: Andromeda also releases tomorrow, and I'm sure that many of us are dying to get our hands on it (I still have finished ME3).  But let's be realistic here, every spare second Joe and I have is going towards polishing up Glass Breaker (mostly by fixing some truly hliarious bugs).  

As always, we want to thank your for your very generous support of Game Soup, which is really just two guys named Joe and Ed.  

Have a great week!


Ed (& Joe in spirit)

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