This Week on GS (May 1 - 5, 2017)
Hello everyone!

We had sort of a strange schedule last week due to my computer issues and then some rendering issues.  With any luck, this week's schedule will closely resemble the below:

  • Today, Monday May 1st: A Wild Game Appears! - Meganoid.  A Spelunky-esque platformer made by a single man in two months.  
  • Wednesday: Glass Breaker Devlog #8 - EVERYTHING has been overhauled.  New upgrades, synergies, achievements, enemies, graphics, scoring system, player rankings, levels, difficulty system, and countless other improvements. 
  • Friday: A Wild Game Appears! - Crawl.  An insanely fun multiplayer dungeon crawler where three ghost players are constantly trying to sabotage a fourth, who is the only human.  One of the funnest party-style games we've played in a very long time.

When our Glass Breaker devlog goes up this week, $10+ patrons will also get access to the Glass Breaker Devlog Write-up, which will be fairly beefy this time, going into detail about all the changes that have been made since our last devlog a month ago.

As always, thank you for your support of Game Soup! <3


Ed (& Joe in spirit)

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