This week's update:
A lot of good news and work moving forward this week:

Former animator for Red Vs Blue and RWBY, Peter Meindertsma has joined our team, and is rigging and animating our Broodlings!

Follow him on Twitch here:

Glide mechanics are working and tested for the Broodling player controller, coded by Gerald Mendoza.

Levels still under construction.  See a new gallery for a training level here:

Vehicle coding underway.

Brood AI coding is underway.

Work is well underway for our table-top roleplaying game book Status Quo: 5th Edition  available in October, and four companion books to be released through next year.

Work has completed on our first novel; Status Quo: The Chronicle of Jane Doe.  To be released for Kindle on Amazon in June.

Our video game soundtrack is underway, and it is really bad ass.  We can't wait to share it with you guys.  It will be on sale later this year as well.

Gameplay coding and menus are under construction, along with splash animations and menu animations.

We are melting face, and we couldn't do it without your help.