This weeks release and a slight change to freebies
This week sees the release of Equipment Maker 2 - Blades. It's in the same style as the Shield maker but is about swords and daggers

Starting next week, there will a slight modification to giveaway each month. The first is, based on some advice I got, the freebie will be via a redeem code that has an expiry date on it (normally a month after release). This is because, as was pointed out to me, having it as downloads would mean someone could sub for one month, get all the pdfs and then not come back. 

The other thing related to this is that now there will be no price limit on what is the free item per month and it will be what is published on the first Monday of each month. So if the item would be priced at 2.99 you would still get it for "free" as part of your patron subscription.

Next week's release is whilst not large in terms of pages, has possibly the largest possible number of combinations I have worked out in a long time, and i have plans to expand it further. It's all about coming up with plot lines/quests for your stories and games.