This Week's Episode: The Children of Men by PD James
If you haven't checked it out yet (and you're our most loyal fans, so it's unlikely), we discuss The Children of Men by PD James.

Behind the Scenes: Kyle is super annoyed because he thinks Michael and Jeff are crapping on good literature. Their contention is that movies can be vastly different and communicate the same sentiments and themes in ways that actually improve on the source material.

You can side with whomever you'd like - but here is some cool stuff the guys read/watched to prepare:

* The Nerdwriter did a great expose on Cuarón's use of visual design and storytelling to really make the movie special:
* Caryn James made Kyle not feel alone in his rabid protection of the novel:
* Rolling Stone has Children of Men as its 2nd best movie of the 2000's:
* Vulture claims Children of Men may be 2016's most relevant film, a decade after it released:

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