This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 07/24/2017
Mon - Shimmer #38 [July stuff] (2 stories)

Tues - Apex #98 (2 stories)

Wed - Uncanny #17 (3 stories, 2 poems, 2 nonfiction)

Thurs - In Search of Lost Time by Karen Heuler (Regular Sip, Aqueduct Press) (1 novella)

Fri - Year of Garak: The Never Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack (with Nicasio Andres Reed)

So yeah, every week is a Big Week for reviews. I know I know, I say it every week. But it continues to be true. Things start out strong with two stories from Shimmer, including an excellent weird Western that you should definitely go and check out. I've been quite impressed with some of Martin Cahill's recent stories and "Salamander Six-Guns" is pretty great. Not one to miss. Over at Apex there's another pair of stories, and the Turing Machines story is certainly interesting and dense. Uncanny showcases another packed issue, with some excellent nonfiction and poetry and a story featuring cats! Which might not seem weird ("cats are cliche!") except that I really don't see many cat stories in the wild. It's like people are too tired of the idea of cat stories that they don't end up publishing any. Was there some time before I was reading short fiction that cat stories happened All. The. Time? If that's the case, and the reason why I don't see more of them now, then I want a time machine. Or someone to show me where the stories are. All the fiction of the issue is good, though.

Then we come to some longer works, starting with another novella. I've been trying to read more novellas this year and this one comes from Aqueduct Press, which is a small press I always make sure to buy from in the vendor room come WisCon time. And of course I'm sneaking in another Year of Garak installment at the end of the week. If that particular post gets pushed back to Saturday or Sunday, though, to make room for extra discussion,'ve been warned. It's on a novel that doesn't actually star Garak but still, it's amazing and omglob I can't wait to share the conversation with you all.

In my news, my story "Rivers Run Free" dropped last week at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Go read it maybe. It features river-shifters and it's sort of a steam western (and hey, it gets a little steamy so it all fits!). And hey, there are some new things to announce. My poem, "becoming, ca. 2000," will be appearing in an upcoming Glittership podcast (and in the Summer issue, I think, which will be out soon). And I just signed the contract on my fourth adorable superhero/supervillain romance that will be part of Dreamspinner Press' 2017 Advent Calendar. It's called "The Werewolf Before Christmas" and it is adorable and cute and features a werewolf soap opera and supervillains just trying to find love. I have so much fun with these stories. I'm actually getting close to knowing more about my upcoming novella release from Dreamspinner, "Comic Book Romance," which is a riff on Superman. In that one, Calvin Kant is starting a new job and gets into some trouble while visiting a supervillain prison. Anyway.

In Patreon news, I guess most of you have seen the first part of Welcome to Planet Nightmare, my fanfic that might explore some post-apocalyptic Goosebumps horror. We'll see how fast I go with that. I'm very close to starting to release new and reprint fiction, too, with the first one I have ready being "Pushpin and Pullpin," a clown story that appeared originally in an anthology from Unlikely Story. But that's about all for now. Thank you all so much for your support! Cheers!

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