This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 04/09/2018
Mon - Fiyah Magazine #6 [Big Mama Nature] (4 stories, 1 poem)

Tues - Flash Fiction Online April 2018 (3 stories)

Wed - GigaNotoSaurus April 2018 (1 story)

Thurs - Uncanny #21 [April stuff] (3 stories, 4 poems)

Fri - Strange Horizons [2 weeks] (2 stories, 2 poems)

Hi everyone! The first full week of April reviews kicks off with the always-amazing Fiyah Magazine. The theme this issue is Big Mama Nature, which looks at how people interact with the Earth through the lens of black speculative fiction. It is wonderful, with some horror, YA, and all around goodness. Definitely go and subscribe to Fiyah if you don't already. Flash Fiction Online is next, and it's a month of aliens and trickery, so pretty perfect for April. I actually didn't do much in the way of April Fools this year, but so it goes. It's nice to read an interesting take on the idea.

GigaNotoSaurus features a rather interesting queer story that is something like a second-world historical fantasy. At least, it seems to lean on a lot of our historical past but adds in some magic, some weirdness, and a great focus. Uncanny is big this month with four poems(!!!) and some great fiction, too, including a murder-mystery that you won't want to miss and a new story by Vina Jie-Min Prasad that is omglob amazing! I'm closing out the week with a look at two weeks of Strange Horizons, which has been excellent so far with a strange fantasy take on time travel. Definitely worth checking out.

Okay, and that's about it. With the excitement of the Hugo nominee announcement out of the way, I've mostly been trying to get back to getting by. The weather is just awful here which has been doing no favors for my moods. I'm trying to write something and I should really try to submit some more but we'll see how that goes. For Patreon stuff, I'm behind on some things but I'll get to a new fiction this month (probably an original flash!) and the next Liver Beware! definitely. Plus there's a new poll for patrons to help me decide what to read next. And just thank you so much for your continued support. It is so so appreciated and you all are the best! Cheers!