This Week's Reviews - QSR Week of 01/16/2017
Mon - Strange Horizons [2 weeks] (2 stories, 2 poems)

Tues - Book Smugglers ["The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist"] (1 story)

Wed - Apex #92 (5 stories, 4 poems)

Thurs - Beneath Ceaseless Skies #216 (2 stories)

Fri - OFF

Hi everyone! January continues to be an absolutely packed month, but this week might afford me my only day off from posts on QSR (yes, I plan on having 30 posts in the month of January). To wit, I am taking off Friday both because I like taking Fridays off and because it's inauguration day and I think that might be a pretty good day to just avoid the internet in general and concentrate on things I'd rather concentrate on. Not that I'm giving up the fight. Indeed, I will be appearing at Strange Horizons (today maybe) in part of a roundtable discussion about resistance in SFF, so keep your eyes open for that.

Otherwise, there are some other pretty neat things happening this week, starting tomorrow with my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY for a paperback copy of "The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist," a lovely and wrenching flipping of "The Little Mermaid" by S.L. Huang. So definitely stop in to sign up for your chance to win. This week will also see my review of the giant special issue of Apex. Now, I completely lost track with the Apex subscription drive after the election. I thought that they had put it on hold but after that I didn't see it come back and I'm not sure what that means for their further unlockable content. Sigh, the election really fucked up a lot of things. But it's still a huge and very solid issue.

In personal news, I've just had my first story sale of the year, which is exciting, to another publication that I've never been in before. More details to come once it's firmed up and I have permission to announce everything. It wasn't a story I was expecting to sell, though it had received a number of very nice personal rejections. So I'm quite excited about that. I just wrote a smutty little flash story, too, about Odin on the tree, which I hope to submit to Nasty soon. So wish me luck on that. And I've agreed to add one more publication to my review list. As of 2017 I will be reviewing Glittership. I've loved the publication from afar and am finally pulling the trigger on reviewing it now that I have a little bit of room. My first review of the January story/stories will be out later this month (probably next Friday?).

So yeah, that's been me. Thank you all for your continued support and stay strong! Cheers!