This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 03/27/2017
Mon - Apex #94 (2 stories)

Tues - Orthogonal #3: Criminal Variations (5 stories)

Wed - Glittership March 2017 (2 stories)

Thurs - Strange Horizons [2 weeks] (3 stories, 2 poems, 1 nonfiction)

Fri - YEAR OF GARAK part 3: A Stitch in Time (with Nicasio Andres Reed)

Okay, so I need to keep this fairly brief in part because the world has decided I must be BEHIND IN ALL THE THINGS! I am seriously treading water furiously after work has just been awful for the last two weeks and sucked up mostly all my time. But I'm still here for the fiction! Behold the schedule!

Okay, some news-type things first because I wanted to remind all that Apex has revived their subscription drive. Check that out to see what all is unlockable and on sale. Coincidentally, Apex kicks off my reviews this week. Next up in Orthogonal, one of the few irregular publications that decided to come out this month. It's actually not all that speculative this time around, so I will admit that my personal enjoyment of the issue was down a little from their last installment, but it continues to be an interesting read. And, of course, as I write this I also see that Strange Horizons has put out some extra SFF in translation this week which will mean I have to scramble a bit to get it in before Thursday, but what's new. Glittership also has a pair of stories and might have one more release this month but maybe not? If so it's a story that I've already reviewed on QSR (and is an amazing story) so no worries.

Oh, and on Friday the YEAR OF GARAK continues with some help from Nicasio Andres Reed. We're talking about Andrew J. Robinson's A Stitch in Time and it's so awesome that Garak himself wrote a book. That's actually quite good. The discussion delves even deeper into Garak and his relationship with his past, his home, and Julian Bashir, among other things, and it was lots of fun. I hope you like it.

As you might have noticed, the bonus Liver Beware review just went up today. I still haven't read the next one but I will definitely have it up early April. And I'm just making my final decision on when I'm going to run the next Quick Questions, which is just waiting for me to get it all ready for viewing. a bit exhausted, I will admit. But even so there continues to be some good news. I sold a flash fiction story to a very exciting project recently and can't wait to talk about it. And I actually wrote a new thing just last week (a flash, so not much, but it's something!), and it already has it's first rejection. So back out it will go soon. Anyway, thank you all for your continued support. You are amazing! Cheers!