This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 05/01/2017
M - Omenana #9 (6 stories)

T - Fireside Fiction April 2017 (4 stories)

W - Tor dot com April 2017 (5 stories)

Th - Beneath Ceaseless Skies #224 (2 stories)

F - maybe? Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earth (1 novella)

Hi all and welcome to May! I am still rather behind on everything at the moment, including doing a stats post for March (sorry!). Things are very busy around here at the moment and I'm trying to keep my head above water. And though it's the first week of May, I'm still finishing up reviews of April content.

Omenana was one of only a pair of irregular releases to come out in April (along with Mithila Reviews) and I'm always happy when they put out a new issue. The original fiction is amazing and vivid and fun, which is something of a theme for the week (except when it isn't). I guess I mean that there's a lot of fun stories to read and catch up on, because it's also time to look at the (mostly) delightful stories from Fireside. And there's a sequel story to one of my favorite fun stories from last year out in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Plus,  if I can manage to get everything set up, there's the new Rupert Wong novella to look at. What this all means, though, is that there's a lot of fun right along with a lot of darkness. Fireside and BCS and Tor all have some pieces that are decidedly bleak, but no less beautiful for that bleakness. It's an interesting way to close out an April that for me was rather polar, swinging wildly between fun and tragic.

Glob an I behind in reading anything longer than a novella, though. And even with those I feel rather behind. I'm hoping to be able to look at some neat longer projects soon, but we'll see how May plays out. For those who aren't aware, I have three stories all coming out over three days in the middle of the week. My Shimmer story, "Feathers and Void," will be out for free to read on 5/16. "The Sound of" will be out for free at Nightmare on 5/17. And "Riding Yggdrasil" will appear in the Nasty Antholody, which drops 5/18. So things are a bit busy. Plus I'm now getting ready for WisCon at the end of the month, the only convention that I can make it to. Plus personal issues galore and getting all my promised content to you amazing people. If I'm slow to respond to things this month, that's probably why.

But there's a lot of good news, as well. I'm hoping to have a new Liver Beware! out to you soon. The first of the Queer Smut Review posts is drafted and will probably be up this weekend. I'm planning to start my drunk reading of TRAPPED IN BAT WING HALL soon, too, so the live-tweeting of that will be happening. There's just a lot to get to. But thank you as always for your support. You are all awesome! Cheers!

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