This week's episode, direct to you
As I mentioned a few days ago, this week's episode breaks the rules a little bit by going live directly to the public rather than coming to Patreon first. There's a reason for that, though! We reached out to some folks at Capcom to ask if they wanted to join us to talk about classic Mega Man and they said, "Oh, well, actually we'll be announcing something soon..." So we agreed to hold on to this episode until they made their announcement. It's not often a podcast about long-forgotten games is subject to a press embargo.You can read more about the announcement at USgamer: In the meantime, the podcast is here for those of you who'd like to download it directly! It's also up on iTunes and SoundCloud and the usual.Pardon the interruption to our normal service! Next week, Bob returns with a standard early-access episode. Thanks for your support! — Jeremy