Thor: She Is Worthy
This month I was announced as a winner in the / t-shirt contest! My shirt design, "She Is Worthy" is available for purchase on the WeLoveFine website PLUS a gallery of my work was featured on! I am head-over-heels to see my work reaching a wider audience. I believe I have the ability to appeal to a broader group of people, but struggle with knowing how to break past my circle of friends and family. Seeing my artwork featured on new websites is extremely validating and encouraging. A few years ago, after leaving full-time self-employment I regained a margin in my life that allowed me to create art for my own enjoyment again. The deeper I dive into creating artwork for my own pleasure, the more I feel like I have to offer the world. When I draw or write music, I feel the most like myself. Winning the WeLoveFine contest encourages me on the journey the becoming MORE of myself.. And I'm grateful to be on it with you. :) If you have a gal in your life you want to encourage with a strong-female-focused superhero shirt, or if you're a dude who wants to celebrate his feminist beliefs, head on over to the url below! Blessings! -Luke