Thorium & Rare Earths: 2014 Congressional Briefing
Presented in September 2014, the National Center for Policy Awareness sought to highlight the fact North America's Rare Earth Crisis is far from over, and widely misunderstood. The problem involves THORIUM. If the Rare Earth Crisis is not understood, then the Rare Earth Crisis is going to persist. This video is the sausage factory which feeds assets into the "Th" documentary: a short video pertaining to Thorium which is NOT in-and-of-itself a chapter of the documentary. That is why this video is FREE. You can see I'm trying to draw interest from non-Thorium subjects towards Thorium. I've had some success with this approach, and so continue to experiment with it. It is Closed Captioned. That's important to improve search engine placement. I can get that data to you if you need it. The [Remix this video!] flag is enabled. Yes, you can copy this video directly to your own YouTube channel and name it whatever you'd like. You can even pre-roll ads in front of it. All these things can be done right inside of YouTube. If you want to strip off the House-of-Cards / Call-of-Duty introduction, feel free to do so. Maybe it plays better without the pop culture references. If you want to find out, try it yourself. Is very easy to do. I recommend using the Chrome browser to experiment with YouTube's online video editor. My videos get more views on other people's channels than on my own YouTube channel. There's no reason a single core video can't spawn dozens of permutations each targeting a slightly different audience. Thanks for your pledged support. I look forward to taking you-all up on it once I've got another "Th" chapter to release.
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