Thornhaven Manor October 2016 Investigation (Base Station Operator & DVR)

Check us out on October 29, 2016 as we bring you our first LIVE investigation from Thornhaven Manor in Newcastle, Indiana.  With the Base Station DVR, you will be able to view up to eight stationary infrared illuminated cameras with audio streamed directly from the Base Station.  During our LIVE investigation you will be able to chat with and interact with Base Station Operator!

If you like what we're doing by providing LIVE access to our investigations and would like to help us expand our capabilities of interaction with the team, please take the time to support us.  Your support will help us expand our online community, maintain and purchase new equipment; as well as, allow us to investigate more often and reach out to further distances with our investigations!

Don't forget that the current Samsung Gear VR rewards being offered are for a LIMITED TIME ONLY as a special gift to new Patreons that support us during our first official LIVE investigation into Thornahaven Manor, October 29, 2016!

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