Thought Bubble's own Patreon page.

That is it.

This current patreon page will remain until Swelling Invasion 2 and 2Helena last pages. After that, I'll use it exclusively for Slimy Thief support. 

Without Thought Bubble updates, the other series are going to get one extra update.

2Helena will be discontinued, in comic format. I have plans for illustrated stories in the future, may be some comic pages here and there.

Swelling Invasion 3 is out of question...

I decided to focus in one fetish series, because the benefits are many; the story is going to flow much faster, the readers get much more of what they want and I work more motivated (Thought Bubble is more challenging to write and draw)!

Thought Bubble is mainly Breast Expansion Fetish, I found out that expansion fans don't mix much... so it's better to follow just one trend.

There are some expansion variations, in Thought Bubble, but breasts are guaranteed in every story :D

Thank you so much for the support!

Time to change wish me luck.