Thought Leaders Need to LEAD or get off the stage
I've had the opportuntiy in my life to meet many "Thought Leaders" and the truth is, most of them aren't walking thier talk 24/7. Who can?

Since I'm cool enough (unti this post probably) to be their "friends" on FB, I get to see post many don't. The other day I saw a post from a "hip, young. Oprah approved Thought Leader" looking for a new bank. He listed several banks he was considering and all of them were listed, bigly and boldy on multiple lists as supporting Fossil Fuels, the Prison For Profit system and literlly stealing from their customers. This sin't some deep state conspiracy theory. This is like Known and for real.

Here's the deal. I get why this "Thought Leader"posted this on FB, ok who posts on FB "I'm making so much money I need a bank who will help me count it!" Unless of course your business is about promising people they can be just like you. I get it...however here's the rub.

When I shared with this being that perhaps he should look into banks that, ya know, aren't killing the planet or people, he deleted my post and then went on and on about how he needed a bank that could take profits off the top..blah blah  blah. And at that moment I lost respect for him and for Oprah. FYI I said it in a really nice way because I thought, hey maybe he doesn't know that Wells Fargo is the largest profiter from prisons, or literally stole from their customers and that BofA and Chase do nast nasty stuff... it's possible

And yet wait a minute. This being holds the title of  "thought Leader" This being, that makes shit tons of money off of their infusion soft, click baited, I will fix your life for $49.95 platform cares more about profits than they does actaully care about creating an opportuntiy for the paraidigm they so persuasivelypromote.

I have come to realize that the "Self-Help" industry has some explaining to do.  

Here's the truth, not everyone should be President. Not everyone needs to be as "Rich and happy as you". Everyone deserves to Thrive. And the only way that paradigm is going to manifest is when the "thought Leaders" show up, in all ways. Not just on the stage, or in social, when "posting" about your banking needs because you're so awesome that you forget that, what we're talking about is that a leader, LEADS by example.

People are listening, some humans need a leader. So I ask you, are you interested in making money off other humans needs or are you interested in changing the paradigm?

Are you willing to risk your "platform" to live it?

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