Thoughtful Lighting
Artwork by HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)
Evon (c) - Ashe Marbury

It still didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, particularly with the face, but that's ok! I will do it better next time! What's somewhat hilarious about being on a time crunch is that you're forced to just roll with whatever you have and shrug at the things that aren't where you want them to be. I guess that's why art teachers really love to put time limits on sketching due to trying to get you to form a habit of moving past your pieces you work on. Can't spend forever on just one!

Anyhow, this is lovely Evon and I just adore him. He's rather short for a guy, 5'7" to be exact, and I've simply fallen in love with his poetic nature. I'll leave it to Ashe to tell more about him as I'm certain I don't remember everything as correctly as I should. Either way, he's a wonderful nurturing type of character.