Thoughts about future projects?!
Hey folks just an update, so I'm just finishing off a big daddy mushroom who should appear in the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow). Sorry it got slow for a bit, I've been playing catch up.

So I was thinking about developing basically a dress up PC. This is the kind of thing that would be best for those with access to Photoshop files. But I'll still be putting out minis for this as normal. 

So it would be one pose and come with multiple sets of clothes and armor, as well as different weapons, random equipment and back packs, wing/tail options, and stuff like facial features. This would probs be 4 characters worth of work at least, and take around a month. I'd also need to keep the PSD fairly tame, so there might not be as much to recolour. Also the image above is a pretty rough demo of this, but I'd still do a fairly plain base. This by no means rules out doing more PC's in the same size category, but to me it seems an efficient way to get more variety and fun a customisable thing for you peeps.

All in all, I'd be putting out two or so monsters a week and tidbits of this which should be completed in a month or so.

So thoughts, reference, requests are all welcome :) I'll be looking forward to your feedback