thoughts about rapture predictions

After watching this video  last night on youtube, in which the vlogger insists, correctly, that  the rapture was not scheduled for 9/23/17, I  have been thinking about  this a lot due the spate of doomsday predictions that came out targeting  this particular date as the time of Christ’s return. That particular  vlogger does a thorough job of dissecting the reasons why the date is  incorrect based on biblical references; she also seems to prove that any  rapture that happens will be after, not before, tribulation takes  place.

I have read quite a few conflicting theories lately about the  supposed order of all these events. After my harrowing experiences the  day of the eclipse and the day after, while under the influence of a  legal dissociative drug, I came to understand the impetus for why these  events  may happen. In my young life in my religion of origin I believed  end-times events were just pre-ordained like the dates on a calendar.  Now I understand it  has to do with humanity giving so much reverence to  darkness, such as paying attention to the solar eclipse, etc, (which  seemed to break Christ’s heart), that may tip the scales in favor of  turmoil and tragedy on Earth. I personally did not even know that he was  capable of being so broken by the actions of humanity until what I saw  that day; I am deeply ashamed that I participated in this as well, even  though unlike most other people I know that the moon is has a depraved  consciousness as it is a dead remnant of a planet destroyed in a collision with Earth 4.5 billion years ago.

Christ’s physical body is our Sun, so to have his light blotted out  by the moon is bad enough, but to have people celebrate and applaud it  was devastating to him. There is an awful lot of celebrating of darkness  going on right now on this planet; Doreen Virtue, a new age leader who  recently converted to Christianity, recently said she was given a  message by Christ for people to “stop worshiping the devil” and start  worshiping God again. He seemed to show me the catastrophic effects of  what transpired, in terms of weather events like hurricanes, just to  have his light blotted out for the small period of time as on the  eclipse; not to mention the emboldening effect it had on the  consciousness of the dead planet that most people know as ‘the devil’.

I was watching a show on the Catholic tv channel last night where a  viewer called and asked why the priest was not spending time making the  same predictions about these end times signs as folks in other faiths  were. After listing off many dates of former end of the world  predictions, beginning with Hal Lindsey in the 1980’s, the priest  referred to the bible verse that says that no one but God knows the  exact hour or day; the then said simply that ‘this is a management  issue, and we are employees’ referring to God vs. representatives like  himself, respectively. He handled the issue very gracefully and calmly,  and then went on to the next question.

I then turned to another religious channel and a rabbi was on this  one selling a book about the similarities between an ancient king and  queen and Bill and Hillary Clinton, these events were apparently  relevant to the end-times narrative as well. It did cross my mind at  that point that there is apparently money to be made, hand over fist,  trafficking in the fear generated by  the end times industry.

I had another experience on this dissociative one time in which God  took me to a huge stringed instrument hanging in the midst of space,  with multi-colored strings in the brightest hues. He told me that this  instrument was a kind of ‘thought-catcher’ on which our thoughts were  projected so that reality could be fashioned out of them. I am growing  more and more suspect of the end times industry every single day,  because it generates two things, in my opinion: 1) intensely negative  emotions like fear and dread and 2) disdain for blood-thirsty Christian  “pre-tribulationists” who believe they will be raptured before the  events of tribulation begin, and have a bizarre lack of empathy and  concern for the suffering of those ‘left behind’.

When God revealed to me this beautiful stringed instrument that  creates human (and possibly all) reality by catching human thoughts,  whether, bad, or indifferent, and fashioning them into reality, he left  me with the loving admonition to “remember the strings, and Be  Positive!”  I will never forget the love in his command, he really drove  home how important it is for human beings to echo and mirror the  attitude of Jesus Christ, or Sol, our star; he is constantly sunny,  calm, peaceful, loving, empathetic, and overwhelmingly compassionate and  kind. This is the model of how we humans are supposed to be, what we  are supposed to try to emulate. End times narratives being bandied about  do neither of these. They create terrible fear and dread in those who  are not sure what to believe, and they make Christians look like  blood-thirsty sociopaths who have no concern whatever for those people  whom they feel will not be ‘taken in the clouds’ with them and God.

They seem  unable to realize just how deeply Christ loves every human  being in existence, (and indeed, every living being), and how  devastating an event this would be for him to have to leave behind  sections of human to horrible trauma and suffering. This is nothing God  celebrates, and I can imagine it turns people away from Christianity in  droves to hear people celebrating their good fortune with no concern for  those not so blessed; an image comes to mind of the brick wall  separating the healthy, laughing children of the guards at concentration  camps while just on the other side stood the frail, emaciated Jewish  prisoners barely clinging to life. It is clear to me that God and Jesus  Christ in no way want to cause suffering to any living being, nor would  they celebrate the terrible suffering of the unfortunate in joyous  terms. I can’t imagine that they would want their spiritual holiness  represented by people trafficking in such negative emotions for profit,  either.

The one chord that runs through all these predictions and visions I  am reading in all these accounts lately is this: repent. God and Jesus  seem to want us to ask forgiveness for what we know we have done wrong  and try not to repeat our mistakes. Whether these events will happen  next week or next century is anyone’s guess. One older relative of mine  told me once that these predictions were said to be happening soon since  she was a girl in the early part of last century. The message I want to  retain from all of the end times predicting going on right now is the  concept of repentance, and for all else I will remember the words God  told to me about the effect of our thoughts on creating reality:  “Remember the strings, and Be Positive”. We need to honor God and be  God-like, and Christ-like in our behavior, and that is not about  trafficking in moroseness and fear.

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