Thoughts and Burning Man
Well it has been a while since I posted on here. Mainly because I went to Burning Man and also moved prior. Then when I came back I had to wait a week to get internet. 

Both moving and Burning Man were two of the smartest choices I made in a long time. I was very unhappy where I was living for a long time, and getting out of their is like a breath of fresh air, which coming back to a new place to live is allowing me to hoan all the creative ideas I got at Burning Man while taking poop loads of acid. 

My advice to you is if you are in a shitty situation get the fuck out. I know we all struggle with change (totally guilty here), but you just have to do it. I promise you will be happier. 

The experiences I had at Burning Man were incredible and almost hard to explain the place really is like this massive dream world. When you get back it almost doesn't even feel like it really happened. 

Luckily though I came back very inspired, happier with who I am as a person, and ready to push harder into what I love to do. I have been diving deeply into creating my own custom visuals, and am getting excited to share them with you. I am making them to accompany a track I am working on that I would say is inspired sonically by a lot of my experiences I had at Black Rock City.  So the future is looking bright and happy for now. In the meantime here is a link to my images from my time there. I hope you enjoy, and if you do tell your friends to sign up to this little experiment of mine!