Thoughts on Stephanie Meyer
Three things:

1) Along with getting to the end of Kara the Brave and my plans to write Like Mist Over the Eyes next month, I've found out about three anthologies that I'll be submitting short stories to between now and the end of January. Expect teasers of some kind as I write them.

2) The outline for Like Mist Over the Eyes is nearly ready. I could probably write from it as-is, actually, but that might result in me writing a lot of words to figure out what I'm writing, and I went through that with Hidden in Sealskin already. :P It makes for more editing.

3) I wrote a blog post this week with a fairly controversial stance. Take a read and let me know your thoughts on the subject: Why Stephanie Meyer Is a Truly Great Writer.

May you have a lovely day :)

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