Thoughts on Cyber Monday
and a coupon in case you missed it!

As I pack up orders today I've been thinking about ustream vs twitch. I think that I like the plug-in capability of Twitch better, and far less ads. 
As soon as my internet stops being a joke (new router is on the way) I will be playing with twitch as a live streaming host. 

I'll make sure to post for all of you when I'm up and running.

On the tea front- lots of new blends are coming up, they'll go into grab bags first, as I've started doing. SJ Blends have all been sent out thanks to the Kickstarter, and so I'm slowly incorporating them into grab bags.
January 1st will see new blends being released and a few going online only. I'm rather excited about this, but it is always so hard to see old blends moved online. Sometimes it feels like these teas are my good friends, I like seeing them at every show and it is beyond difficult to pick which will go "away".

I'm pushing to focus more online for a few more weeks, then I'm headed to NJ for a mini vacation of sorts. :)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of you in the US! Thanks for being here.