Thoughts on payment format
Hey guys, I haven't updated my patreon on a while (and as a rule, not charged during the quiet weeks), in part because I've been unsure where exactly I want to go with this patreon. I originally intended for this to be a bit of a motivator to keep me from producing at least 3 pages each week, but ... I'm not having any trouble doing that at all! So I feel a bit silly charging patrons for something I'm gonna do anyway if there's no new patreon content tied to it.I think for that reason I'm probably going to change the specifics of when I charge patrons slightly and base it off of patreon content itself rather than pages posted.I'm gonna try and post more stuff on here though but I'm thinking of shifting some elements around. (e.g. getting rid of the preview panels & providing more sketches and sprites for future characters + insights into the world behind my comic.)