Thoughts on Steam Shovelers future
Hi everyone, Jed here, and I've been thinking a lot recently and I'd like some feedback from you, the backers, if at all possible.

I started this site as a way to give games press that would normally not get it, and hightlight games that big sites wouldn't bother writing about. I also set the lofty goal of reviewing every Steam game released in 2017. 

As it currently stands we have hit around 20% of games released in January. If we kept that pace month over month, it would take 5 years to review every game released on Steam this year. My goal wasn't to give press to a game when it is 5 years old, or tell readers what games to play 5 years after the fact. 

So I'm starting to wonder what we should do? Currently it is hard to justify writers spending much time on Steam Shovelers reviews as I'm not able to pay anything other than free games (some of which are terrible) and free exposure, which is the worst kind of payment. I only just now broke even with the money I've put into the site, though if my time were spent elsewhere I could have turned a larger profit. That said I don't think anyone is in this for the money, but we all have mouths to feed and bills to pay, so having a balance is important.

I haven't promoted the site much aside from on social media. I don't feel comfortable posting about it on Reddit  or NeoGAF, thought here have been threads on both by others which seem to be received luke warmly at best.

So going forward I'm not sure what to do. For the time being we will continue to push for reviewing as many games as we can, but it is proving to be impossible to keep up. I've been getting like maybe 4 hours of sleep a night on work nights, while working a 10 hour a day shift at my day job working on this site, and it really just isn't healthy. 

Should we just focus on games we think are good or have something to say instead of trying to do EVERY game? How should we go about promoting the site to garner more backers, thus being able to pay writers? Should we just give? 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.