Thoughts on new format
So, dear Patrons, here is what I have in mind.

I was thinking of making all Patrons my Tag Team Supporters. Whatever amount helps, after all, and I realize I want to respect that.

I'm thinking of removing the other tiers, as despite trying to keep them moving, no one has really been interacting with the option to ask me stuff or to vote on 12 games anyhow, so I'll just make it a support me with any amount.  Then have a second tier that allows those who support to get free final copies of the games.    I'd like everyone to have free copies,  but I'll probably make that more a choice than a rule while there are only so few patrons so far :-P (Yes, I have dreams of the numbers someday going huge.)

But yeah, in the end, I just want to tidy this page up.
And I will admit, also need to update it to remove the pictures of Yoshi with me. I love him and all but I think I need to let him rest and have his pictures more in our home instead of online.  We all have to deal with death in our own way, I guess.

Thanks everyone!