Thoughts on suicide | Therapy termination | Self Injury Urges | Mental Health Need?
  1. Hi Kati, As you know I suffer from Complex PTSD,MDD, This past weekend my sister-in-laws father committed suicide, he was 77, he had been dealing with depression for the past ten years. I know from my brothers suicide how it harms the family left behind, I don’t want to be in that place where you don’t have feelings for anyone and do such a thing. For me and being in a treatment program for the last 20 years I have been able to ground myself and call a Crisis Line to help me calm down and deal with problem, I know I can’t do it alone. But for my brother and her father I don’t think ether had been told the options they had when they felt it was out of control, and they both were not in a long term therapy. both were hospitalized for 30 days place on medication but no monthly therapy, What is the protocol for determining who should be seen more then twice a year? and isn’t important they have a go-to when out of control? I hear these things after a suicide, Why didn’t I mean enough for him to stay, Suicide is a selfish act, I don’t believe he wasn’t in his right mind. I have my own thoughts on these types of comments, I believe your in a dark tunnel where its just you and the pain and you don’t have any feelings at that time. I know everyone has done this where your driving and then all of a sudden you ask yourself how did I get here I don.t remember passing thru this place or that place, I think your mind is in a state of black out and you can still drive just like you can load a gun. Kati what is your opinion on these comments and how would you address these people who make these comments.
  2. About a month ago my therapist told me she needed to terminate therapy with me. She mentioned that she had brought my case to supervision twice and they told her that for her both of our sakes it would be the best option. She told me that because I was (still am) in a constant freeze state that therapy is so incredibly difficult especially since for me to be "safe" at home i still need to be in this freeze state. She told me that I could come back to see her but only once I am out of this freeze state and have moved out of home away from my dad. I can understand why she needed to terminate therapy. Her health is just as important and I would never want to put anyone in a situation where they were hurting just to help me. Anyway the problem I have with this situation is that it happened during the worst time. My mum had just left the country (She works overseas,) my dad had just left with my mum so they could go on holiday AND my older sister went with them. Now my older sister is the one who would pick me up from therapy if I was never doing well and needed extra support but when my therapist dumped this news on me she was out of the country and I was left with no one at home. Not only had my therapist just told me this huge news but the next week I was going on my teaching experience. (I'm studying to be an early childhood teacher so we have placements in different centers or kindergartens.) My therapist had always helped me prepare for being in a new environment with a lot of different people but this time I've had no support and I feel like I'm drowning. I guess I just want to know how am I able to get through the next few months until I'm back at work and earning money so I can move out and get back to see her? Do I go back and se her or do I find someone else? I know she wanted me to try EMDR and she introduced me to her colleague who I saw for three weeks while she was on holiday but I didn't know what to do. It's all just a really fucked up situation. Thank you for everything that you do!
  3. I have a question and I'm not sure how to even ask this. I'm currently in therapy and my therapist knows that I self harm. She always tells me that she wants me to be safe and I tell her I'm always careful. I try to use my other coping skills (journaling, smoking, cleaning, rubber bands etc) What I can't seem to tell her is that it is getting harder to stop. Not just not self harming, but also stopping when I start. I'm afraid she will want me to go inpatient, but for various reasons that is not a possibility. How do I talk about this without her thinking I'm crazy?
  4. So I'm preparing for my med school interviews at the moment and my questions is: Could you explain why the occurrence of mental health problems in our society is increasing rapidly nowadays? Why is it more important than ever to have more mental health professionals and to educate about mental health?