Thoughtssss and some small news
I have clarified the wording for tiers with birthday rewards a bit to ensure that things are more clear about


you will receive your birthday cutie portrait. 

I am also going to work on my info section a little bit, in the near future! Maybe I should just update it to say something about Bleps and post all the Blep drawings I have done...haha!

I know that I still have to get to the $50 milestone reward, and I will be finishing that up soon! Don't worry I have not forgotten about you I have just been a bit buried in other projects.

Finally, as a heads up...July is going to be very busy for me work-wise. I will likely be stressed out, but I will of course be actively arting and making Patreon posts. There will be no interruption of patron rewards, birthday gifts, etc. I have planned ahead to intentionally focus on Patreon for July. I think the work load at my job will be better this summer than it was last summer at this time, because I have better helpers this summer...but I wanted to give you all a heads up regardless! Feel free to stop by on Twitter or Tumblr and give me hugs throughout July, I will likely need them. Hehe.