The Thousand Years War Post: Shadow Blade
The shadow blade is the melee weapon of choice for the salamander troopers and captains alike. To make up for their weak level armor and laser pistols, they carry a deadly blade capable of cutting up their victims like butter.

The blade is about 6 inches long, although some other models are about 8 inches long. This makes the blade to be portable and hidden from the view of humans who might face the salamander troopers. The size of the weapon also makes it a prime weapon for ambushes and also allows quick attacks. The lightweight weapon is small enough that even the smallest of adults can handle it with ease, but the design of the weapon is complicated enough that one has to master the use so it can actually be a useful part of one's arsenal.

Once a person masters the use of the weapon they will find that it can be thrown as well. This is excellent for any tough situation and better yet can be recovered from the dead body that it was used to kill the target.

A small but deadly weapon, if used in the right hands that is.