Threats from the contractor that violated Snes9x's license and illegally sold the work to 'customers'

This entire response is full of lies, disinformation and misdirection about Snes9x's license, and only seeks to obfuscate.

None of his nonsensical claims about LGPL are true, people already tried seeing if there was a loophole to be exploited there and that fell flat. Snes9x is under a non-commercial, custom license. That has never changed -

For one, he is not telling the real story about why they are no longer going to use Snes9x. It is because byuu forbid him from violating the license of Snes9x anymore and no longer selling it to any company he contracts with. That was the real reason, not because suddenly Cybergadget or Hyperkin has seen the light, but because I strongly recommended to byuu that a clause like this was put in.

My fear was that with a Higan license sale, he would then claim to have the rights to the parts of the Snes9x code that byuu_san had made. So that cancelled that out right there.

I have also let the other Snes9x copyright holders know about this issue here -

We will not be bullied or cajoled here by this guy, and we will not allow him to redefine other project's licenses to which he did not contribute a single lick of code to. 

If Hyperkin and CyberGadget cannot do the responsible thing and put their contractors on a leash and if they think it is good custom practice to not only abuse an entire community of developers and treat open source code licenses as if they are worthless, but to further add insult to injury, continue associating themselves with the likes of these people, then the public deserves to know about this.


 Read here what one of the most active Snes9x authors, Bearoso, has to say about the lies spread by the contractor - 

 "Ugh. He's feigning stupidity on claiming the whole thing is LGPL-licensed, and just because your name preemptively prevents commercial use doesn't mean any of the other contributors have allowed it." Bearoso, Snes9x