Three days a week!
Oh boy oh boy! If you haven't seen the news post on the site already, we've updated our schedule to start posting THREE comics every week instead of just two. I'll be the first to admit the story was moving slowly with the old update schedule. I originally intended to update four or five times per week, but -- how shall I say this -- my employment situation drastically changed and my plans flew out the window. Patreon has helped incredibly, but it's still not enough to hire a colorist, so Austen is doing all the artwork all by herself. It's a daunting task to say the least, but she's a goddamn trooper. Two comics per week just wasn't cutting it. I really felt that it was even detrimental to the comic to not post more often, so Austen is busting her ass and we're upping our schedule to three pages per week! Hopefully this will spur more readership and more patrons and we'll eventually be able to hire a colorist and post EVEN MORE PAGES. As always, I truly appreciate the support. If you wanna tell everybody you know about the comic, I wouldn't mind that either. The more people that read the comic, the more likely we'll be able to afford to keep making it!
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