Three Things Not To Say
I want to talk a little about the journal strip that went up today. I found the reaction to it very interesting. Many folks on twitter focused on the obvious visual information about how angry I get about these tiny things. From a purely textual standpoint, the language isn't severe or angry at all. If you saw all the words typed out like this: "3 things people say to me all the time that piss me off. 1) 'Hey you're really pale." And, I get it. people are just trying to make a connection. 2) "You have a twin!! Are you the evil one?" And people don't know that I've heard the same rude comments over and over. 3) "Hey your name is Latino, but you are white." But if you say all three to me... I will be polite and handle it like and adult..." It doesn't carry any of the extra emotion, does it? That's the power of visual information! Yay! Also, worthy to note, it's the first appearance of my twin brother in the comic. We are hatching some plans to work on a comic together this summer, so stay tuned!
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