Three Virtues of the Heart
 So to recap this month the virtues of heart are # 1 trust and # 2 faith. Now is time to reveal the third , #3 Honor. Where we faulter in the first two, it is through honor that we are able to save face. Give honor to great heroes and be careful to not be a busybody. Especially in tales of your own misdeeds and humiliation. These anecdotes can be amusing , even hilarious, but mostly the just leave a bad taste in the mouths of the people who can't help but to run and tell that. We will never know if they intended to dishonor or to simply get help. Honor the warrior, first two take up sword for his cause. Honor the healers who give our warriors respite and hospital for they would be first to take up sword. The are always first to stop and help someone in need and are equal in honor to the warrior, and often in the eyes of the warrior greater still. They choose the staff instead of the sword and there is no dishonor in this choice. They must bear burdens of great tales of great sorrow they take upon themselves through their efforts to heal this world. Honor our teachers the people who give freely of their time to give knowledge to others, knowledge can make life's burdens easier to bear. Honor the builders and the artists who create works of great beauty to inspire our children to great heights to find their true purpose and the causes they wish to dedicate themselves too. This month we will try to tell no tales of misdeed but instead, tell tales of great heroism in the face of impossible odds. And remember the most important tale of heroism is your own.